Welcome back!

The museum has been closed since 2017, but we have now been opening in our new premises at Narvavägen 13-17 in Stockholm – in the same building as the Swedish History Museum.

Our new name, Economy Museum – Royal Coin Cabinet, underscores the breadth of our offerings. Through exhibitions, lectures and other activities we will highlight our objects and economic themes - both at the museum and digitally. Topics may include personal finance, consumption and savings, entrepreneurship and economic history, or current socio-economic issues.

The Economy Museum are sharing a shop and restaurant with the Swedish History Museum. You are always welcome to combine museum visits to both museums.

The museum's 650,000 objects

The history of the museum begins circa 1572, when Johan III's chancellery clerk Rasmus Ludvigsson began collecting old Swedish coins as part of the dispute with Denmark over the right to include three crowns in the national coat of arms. The collections have subsequently been expanded through gifts, purchases, exchanges and deposits.

History of the Museum

In 1769 the collections were transferred to the newly constructed Stockholm Castle. Since then, the museum's collections have been displayed at Nationalmuseum (from 1865 to 1938), the Historical Museum (from 1938 to 1948) and on its premises at Slottsbacken 6 (from 1996 to 2017).

Hyperinflation – involuntary millionaires and worthless money

The exhibition takes us into hyperinflation and sheds light on how the little person is affected in a crisis with often very severe consequences.

Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM.

Together we shape the future!

Through our exhibitions and activities, we hope to make economic history inspiring to our visitors. Do you have requests or suggestions for lecturers or activities?

Contact us at info@ekonomiskamuseet.se

We look forward to seeing you again and welcoming you as a new visitor!

Photo: Jens Mohr/SHM.

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