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Poor child!

You'll become a child worker in the match factory. It is fortunate that you will be able to provide for yor self. But let us see how long you last...

Job assignments: As a child worker you mainly worked with bundling matches and wrapping the finished matches. If you worked from home, you folded matchboxes.

Salary: 1 Riksdaler/week

Working hours: 6 days/week, 11 h/day

Working conditions: Working with matchmaking was very bad for your health. This was especially true at factories where phosphorus matches were made. The phosphorus vapors cause jaw burns, that is teeth loss and jawbone decay. The risk of fire was also very high in the match factories.

Some match factories relied for certain periods entirely on child labour. A factory in Kalmar advertised for 100 children and offered, among other things, free confirmation clothes to attract underage workers.

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