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Good, we need a machine operator.

You have succeeded in getting a qualified job. Let's hope You keep your position. And Your fingers.

Job assignments: Filing or turning machine parts that come from the foundry.

Salary: 10 Riksdaler/week

Working hours: 6 days/week, 12 h/day

Working conditions: Long working hours and pressured overtime lead to chronic gastritis. The workshop air is filled with soot and iron particles, which means you may get catarrh and eye damage. There are no changing rooms nor rest rooms. You eat lunch standing at your work bench. There is no protective equipment.

At Bolinders mechanical workshop in Stockholm almost half of the workers supplemented their wages with voluntary or mandatory overtime work. The record seems to have been held by a J. Andersson with 57 hours of overtime in one week, a total of 126 working hours, which meant 18 hours a day.

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