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I think it's time to end here.

You have to seek Your fortune elsewhere. We haven't got any use for you. One option might be to emigrate to the USA. Many wastrels have done it before you.

I cannot promise You anything, but as You clearly can see the possibility of You getting a job... Well, good luck.

Reasons to emigrate: The American homestead laws (Homestead Act) from 1862 had great significance for the early emigration from Sweden to America. The laws, which were established to stimulate farmers to establish themselves on uncultivated land, meant that there was a good supply of cheap land, which attracted many Swedes.

For the individual emigrants in Sweden as well as in Europe, the motives were primarily economic. The various emigration peaks from the middle of the 19th century until 1930 went hand in hand with the economy - when times were bad in Sweden, emigration increased.

Towards the end of the 1860s, Sweden was hit by several years of poor growth which, in combination with a rapid population increase and competition for jobs and land, accelerated emigration.

The emigrants also had motives other than the purely economic, for example religious freedom and increased equality. Many also traveled for the adventure and the journey itself or for the dream of a different kind of life.

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