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Illustration: Ralph Appelbaum Associates.
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The Economy Lab

The Economy Lab is about everyday economics and how money functions in daily life. The exhibition is designed to suit school students from the age of 10 to 18, but everyone is welcome. The Economy Lab is also a good place for parents and children to explore together. Opens June 1, 2024.

What do you think our tax money should be spent on? How can you influence the climate through what you buy? And what's really the best way to save money? These are questions you can explore in the Economy Lab.

Brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, charging your phone—everything we do costs money. The exhibition features dilemmas and interactive stations where visitors are encouraged to make choices.

For schools

We want economics to feel fun and inspiring! We offer school programmes in Swedish, both digitally and on site.

Museum educator and youths in an exhibition
Foto: Daniel Gustafsson, Ekonomiska museet/SHM.


Journey through Sweden's history and discover how money and economics have changed society and people's lives. Once upon a time, it was revolutionary to pay with a banknote, but today we are accustomed to invisible money. How did it come to be like this?

Personer står i en utställning
Illustration: Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

About the museum

The Economy Museum – The Royal Coin Cabinet is a place for economic learning. Through exhibitions, lectures, and other activities, we aim to inspire and foster curiosity about the role of economics in history and in our daily lives. With origins dating back to 1572, it is one of Sweden's oldest museums. Our collections comprise around 650,000 items - coins, banknotes, medals, stock certificates, and other objects that tell stories about economics and trade, history, and culture.

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