We are closed

The museum's exhibition hall is closed. We are building permanent exhibitions, set to open Spring 2024.

See the Everlöv treasure

While we are closed, visit our mini-exhibition at the Swedish History Museum in the same building as us. The Viking-era Everlöv treasure is the latest addition to the Economy Museum's collections.

Photo: The Historical Museum at Lund University.

The Museum's Missing Objects

Since 2013, there has been a police investigation and legal proceedings concerning missing items in the collections of the Royal Coin Cabinet. In March 2023, the Supreme Court announced that the question of damages in one of the cases will be re-examined by the Svea Court of Appeal.

Photo: The National Historical Museums.

650 000 objects

The museum's collections consist of approximately 650 000 objects, including one of the world's first coins, the first banknotes and the heavy tin coins, which are the world's largest coins.

What is numismatics?

Explore coins, banknotes, medals and various means of payment, in the collections of the Economy Museum.

Calculate the monetary value

What does a salary in the nineteenth century correspond to in today's money value?

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