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Economy Museum – Royal Coin Cabinet opens November 20 at the Swedish history museum in Stockholm.

Involuntary Millionaires and
Worthless Money

Starting November 20, the museum opens with the exhibition Hyperinflation - involuntary millionaires and worthless money. The exhibition takes us into hyperinflation and sheds light on how the little person is affected in a crisis with often very severe consequences.

650 000 objects – The world's largest coin

The museum's collections consist of approximately 650 000 objects, including one of the world's first coins, the first banknotes and the heavy tin coins, which are the world's largest coins.

Calculate the monetary value

What does a salary in the nineteenth century corresponds to in today's money value?


Visit resources, information sheets and activity ideas.

The Money lab

The money lab is a game for children and young people managing and taking responsibility for a monthly salary. The game is available for Iphone mobiles.

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