The Economy Museum – Royal Coin Cabinet's literature collection on numismatics, banking and financial history is housed in the library of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters. The library is located in the East Stables at the back of the Economy Museum, with an entrance at Storgatan 43.

The Numismatic Collection

Read literature about coins and medals from all over the world, with an emphasis on Europe. The oldest books in the collection date from the 16th century and are from Lovisa Ulrika's numismatic book collection. The library also has literature on Swedish banks and Swedish economic history.

Order materials before your visit

Because large parts of the book collection are stored in warehouses, you should order the materials you wish to borrow in advance via the library catalogue of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters or by e-mail. The library offers information support, study places, group rooms, and copying and scanning facilities.

Address Royal Swedish Academy of Letters

Storgatan 43, Östra stallet
114 55 Stockholm

Contact person at the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters

Carina Bergman 
Phone: 08-5191 8324 

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