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Visitors with mobility impairments

The museum has specially adapted parking, toilets, lifts and ramps. In addition, wheelchairs can be borrowed from the museum's visitor service.

Disabled parking

The museum's disabled parking is located immediately to the right of the main staircase at Narvavägen 13–17. The disabled parking area is paved with paving stones.

Entrance with lift

Adjacent to the disabled parking there is a lift to the ground floor. The door opens automatically via a push button. The lift is under camera surveillance.

Disabled toilet

Available adjacent to the entrance hall; 2.43 metres wide, 3.35 metres long.
The toilet seat is located in the middle of the wall and has two handles. The distance from the left wall to the handle is 80 cm, and from the right wall it is 95 cm. 


For visitors who have difficulty walking, two wheelchairs are available to borrow. Contact the information desk.


At the foot of each staircase is a sign specifying the number of steps. All staircases are equipped with a colour marking on the top and bottom steps.

Lifts and ramps

The exhibition space of the Economy Museum is located on the ground floor. If you wish to visit one of the Historical Museum's exhibitions, there are lifts to every floor of the museum. However, some lifts are cramped. On the upper floor, high thresholds have been fitted with ramps to facilitate access.


If you have questions about the accessibility contact our
entrance hall:
Phone: +46 (0)8 519 556 20
Email: besoksservice@ekonomiskamuseet.se

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