Money Matrix

In The Money Matrix, the challenge is to expose the secret agents hiding out in various historical periods. The game is part of the Economy Museum's new exhibition MONEY!

Stockholm, March 5, 2024

What has the evil professor concocted now? I should have suspected something was wrong when I took the job. He didn't seem entirely trustworthy, but what can you do when you need a job? Assistant to a leading researcher still sounded exciting.

But now it's too late to regret it. The time machine is finished, and he has already sent his agents back in time to snatch up all the valuables!

We need to act quickly if we are going to stop them! I need your help! I believe we can uncover them together if we spread out across the different time periods and investigate very carefully.

I know the agents were stressed out when they left, so there are probably some mistakes here and there. Maybe something is off with their clothes or they've misunderstood what money or items people had at the time. Good thing you and I know a bit about history.

Come along, and let's go catch the villains!

Background information

Who made this game and can I trust the facts?

The Money Matrix is a gamification of real data. The prices, incomes, debts, and possessions featured in the game have been collected from sources such as estate inventories, archives, and literature by the museum's staff.

Game creators

Project group, National Historical Museums
Florent Audy
Linnea Ragnerstam Zetterberg
Caroline Gonelius
Wilhelm Lagercrantz

Project members, National Historical Museums
Felicia Sjölin
Albin Hedin
Martin Machado Freeney
Jacob Fredriksson
Katarina Nimmervoll
Pernilla Tenje

Bazooka AB (design, illustrations, code)
Calle Stenfelt
Micke Sonnenberg
Hannah Andersson
Emil Hagbo
Emilia Anelli Windahl
Ebba Granat

Kids using a touch screen in an exhibition.
Photo: Daniel Gustafsson, Economy Museum/SHM.

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