The exhibition was on view 1997 - 2017

Collected in cabinets

Visitors could see coins from the museum’s collections and learn more about coin collecting over the years.

Coin collecting started as early as the renaissance, when princes and monarchs collected antique Roman coins. Over time, this interest spread to other groups. In Sweden, it was Johan III’s clerk Rasmus Ludvigsson who started the official coin collection in the 1570s.

Photo: Gabriel Hildebrand, Economy Museum/SHM.

Private individuals start collecting

When private individuals started collecting, it was often their own country’s coins or antique coins that were most interesting. In 1873, the Swedish Numismatic Association was started as a body for Sweden’s coin collectors.

The exhibition showed objects from the great collector Sven Svensson’s collection, Gunnar Ekström’s collection and King Gustav VI Adolf’s fine gift of antique coins to the collection.

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