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The exhibition was on view 1997 - 2017

Saving in money boxes and banks

An exhibition about saving and the savings bank movement.

People have always attempted to save money and other capital so as to be prepared for the future. In older times, thrift was a necessity so as to be able to improve one’s life opportunities. Visitors to the exhibition saw examples of how we saved before banks existed and how the first savings banks started – the most significant event in the history of saving.

The money box

Part of the exhibition showed how the home money box came to be found in every household, and what savings bank premises looked like before the turn of the previous century.

The savings bank´s significans for people´s saving

The first savings bank opened in Scotland in 1810. The savings banks made it easier for ordinary people to save safely and receive interest, and they came to be set up all over the world. In Sweden, the first savings bank was started in Gothenburg in 1820. At their height, there were 498 savings banks in Sweden.

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