The exhibition was on view 1997 - 2017

Sweden´s Coins

An exhibition about Sweden’s thousand-year coin history. The exhibition showcased all of the different types of Swedish coins, from the time of Olof Skötkonung at the end of the 10th century to that of Carl XVI Gustaf today.

Around 995, Olof Skötkonung became the first king to introduce coins as a means of payment in our country. He took English minting as his role model. This first Swedish coin was a silver coin known as a penning. The motif on our first coin was the image of a regent, or rather a symbol of the person who held the power and controlled the coinage.

Swedish means of payment

Important events in Sweden’s coin and banknote history were presented in differently themed displays.

Coins were marked by important events

Included in these displays were bracteates - small, one sided pennings from the 12th century. In Gustav I Vasa’s time, 1521–1560, coins grew in size and were produced in more denominations. The first gold coin in Sweden, the gyllen, was minted in Erik XIV’s time, 1560–1568.

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