The exhibition was on view 1997 – 2016

The Art of Medals

The medal– the oldest form of multi-art – was displayed in a representative exhibition. In the exhibition, visitors found the answer to what a medal is and what function it can have. The social aspect is as important as the artistic.

The medal’s beginnings in 15th century Italy were richly illustrated, as well as how we in Sweden got our first medals in the 1560s. A central theme of the 17th and 18th centuries is the role of medals as propaganda instruments in war and peace. Another part of the exhibition showed how kings and statesmen used the medal in the service of the state.

A coin with a portrait of Christina, Queen of Sweden.
Photo: Ola Myrin, The Economy Museum/SHM.

Oldest form of multi-art

Many Swedish artists have expressed themselves in the form of medals: Erik Lindberg, Carl Eldh, Carl Milles and Bror Hjort, to name a few. In part of the exhibition, visitors found an overall picture of the history and development of Swedish medal art. Visitors also met Lea Ahlborn, who was a coin engraver at the Royal Mint, as well as Arvid Karlsteen and Johann Carl Hedlinger. The exhibition was Historia metallica – Sweden’s history in precious metals.

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