The exhibition was on view 1999 - 2017

The Magic of Treasure

An exhibition about treasure that has been found in Sweden. The exhibition showed gold, silver and copper from ancient times, the Viking age, the middle ages and more recent times. The coins bear witness to trading contacts with the Roman Empire and encounters between Scandinavians and the peoples of distant countries.

Trade increased during the Viking age. About 250,000 Viking age coins have so far been found in Sweden, mostly on Gotland. The treasure also contains pieces of jewellery and silver pieces. One example is the treasure from Stora Sojdeby on Gotland, which bears witness to contact with the Caliphate.

Votive offerings and other treasures

Many of the treasures are evidence of prosperity while others speak of troubled times, such as the plate money from the Loshult coup which was buried during the guerrilla feuds of the 17th century. Some treasures were buried as savings before hard times and others were votive offerings.

A dragon guarded the treasure

In folk tales, those who went in search of treasure faced dangers, and in the innermost part of the exhibition room a dragon guarded the inaccessible but tempting treasure.

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