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Reopening spring 2024

Discover money and economics – past, present and future. New permanent exhibitions are under way. Welcome in spring 2024!

Long ago, it was revolutionary to be able to pay for something with a banknote. Today we have become accustomed to the fact that money is invisible. It's self-evident that we can buy goods from the other side of the world. How did it get that way? And what is money?

In one of our exhibitions, you can travel through time and discover how money and economics have changed society and people's lives. Explore what money looked like, and how it was used in different eras. Who could buy what? Play games, listen to stories, and find out what job you would have had if you lived in the 19th century.

What's on view?

The world's first coin, the world's largest coin and the first banknotes, among other things. The exhibition shows a wide selection of the museum's collections of coins, banknotes, medals and other objects connected to economics and trade.

Photo: Jens Mohr, collections of The Economy Museum – Royal Coin Cabinet/SHM. CC-BY.

Economic learning

The second exhibition is about money in your life today. What you buy, what you earn and how you save - everything is connected!

Photo: Jens Mohr, The Economy Museum/SHM.
Old credit note with Swedish text.
Stockholms Banco's credit notes (trust notes) were issued between the years 1661-1666 and were Europe's first notes. This note will be featured in the museum's permanent exhibition opening in 2024. Photo: collections of The Economy Museum – Royal Coin Cabinet/SHM. CC-BY.

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