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What is the value of my coin?

We get many questions about whether we can help value coins, banknotes and other historical objects. Here we answer the most common questions.

Do you value coins and other historical items?

We follow ICOM's ethical rules and do not perform valuations of objects. We also do not distribute certificates. If you are interested in the value of your object or want to have them assessed, we recommend you to contact an auction firm or The Swedish Numismatic Society

Can you tell if an object is real or not?

We do not make assessments of the authenticity of historical objects and therefore do not distribute certificates of authenticity.

I want to donate an object to the museum collections

We are restrictive when it comes to receiving gifts of historical objetcts and we therefore make an assessment on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Head of Collections and Research, Kent Andersson at email kent.andersson@shm.se or phone + 46 (0) 8-519 556 60.

Calculate the monetary value

Rodney Edvinsson, Professor of Economic History at Stockholm University, has developed and price calculator that calculates the monetary value from the Middle Ages to 2100.

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