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Welcome to visit the museum at your own pace with a class, but please book in advance!

Questions and answers about school visits

When can we come?

We welcome groups visiting on their own on the days the museum is open. Please register your group in advance a


Free to visit

A visit where you, as a teacher, lead your class yourself is free for teachers, accompanying adults, and students. Prices for booked school programs can be found under each individual school program on the Swedish school page.

How far in advance should I register my group?

Preferably two weeks before the visit. During peak season, we cannot guarantee that we have available times left.

Students discussing in an exhibition
Foto: Jens Mohr, Ekonomiska museet/SHM.

What to consider before a self-guided visit

At times, there can be many groups in the exhibitions and in the courtyard. As a teacher or educator, you are responsible for your students. Please stay with your group and arrive on time, about ten minutes before your booking to allow time for bathroom visits and the cloakroom. If you arrive late, your school program may be shorter since we often cannot extend the end time.

Outerwear and bags

There are storage lockers where you can lock up your outerwear and valuables. For younger children, there is a school cloakroom for outerwear and bags, as well as class boxes for valuables. No coins are needed for the locker.

Eating and drinking

Our premises are child-friendly. It is not permitted to eat and drink in our exhibitions. There is a shared lunchroom for both museums where you can sit and eat your packed lunch. In good weather, you can also eat outside in the museum's courtyard.


  • Inside the museum, the group must stay together with the responsible adult – not on their own! Accompanying adults are responsible for the group throughout the visit.
  • Respect the signs and instructions set up by the museum.
  • It is fine to take photos for personal use, just make sure not to use flash, and not to photograph other visitors without their consent.


Questions about school visits? Email bokning@ekonomiskamuseet.se

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