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Upcoming permanent exhibitions

The museum's major permanent exhibitions on are planned to open Spring 2024.

One exhibition has its starting point in Sweden's economic history and our fantastic collections. The items are placed in an economic and historical context, with a focus on Sweden in relation to the world. We will also open an economics lab for children and youth.

Old credit note with Swedish text.
Stockholms Banco's credit notes (trust notes) were issued between the years 1661-1666 and were Europe's first notes. This note will be featured in the museum's permanent exhibition opening in 2023.

Economics lab

We are creating an interactive space with the working name "Economics lab." Visitors will be able to explore economics in a playful way and see how everyday life and finances are connected. Here we mainly address children, young people and schools.

Photo: Jens Mohr, The Economy Museum/SHM.

Economic learning

The exhibition aims to increase knowledge in economics, to give people better opportunities to influence their economy and understand their participation in society. In this way, we want to be a meeting place for financial learning.

Photo: Jens Mohr, The Economy Museum/SHM.

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